Family Law and Mediation Offices of Lilian Epstein

Lilian Epstein is a family law specialist, certified by the California State Board of Specialization.  At the Family Law and Mediation Offices of Lilian Epstein we understand that your family is in a time of transition.  We provide the experience, skill and empathy needed to help you resolve your family law issue quickly and cost-effectively.  Whenever possible, we will help you reach agreements with your former partner, and avoid costly litigation.  We will prioritize your needs, and help guide you through this often-difficult process with warmth and understanding.

Settlement-Focused Litigation Services:

Lilian Epstein is experienced in all aspects of family law, with a special focus on division of property and support.  Whenever possible, we will help you negotiate favorable agreements with your former partner, and avoid costly litigation.  When agreements are not possible, our office will help you evaluate the value and risks of your issue before seeking resolution in the courtroom, and get you through the steps of presenting your very best case in front of the judge.

Our law office will help you understand the layout of a family law case and give you insight into what to expect from your case, exploring your own goals and challenges to help us make a plan that will suit your individual needs.  We will help you resolve all the common and less usual issues that come up in family law litigation, including discovery issues, child support, spousal support, custody, division of complex assets such as retirement plans, stock options, real property, separate property contributions, gifts and trusts, and family-owned business.

Family Law Mediation:

Mediation is an alternative resolution method to solving problems that puts power in the hands of the people who are seeking the solution.  Mediation allows parties much more flexibility and creativity to shape solutions to parties’ individual needs than they would have if they were to seek orders from the court.  A mediator facilitates and guides the process, maintaining a safe space for both parties and providing information and suggestions as needed.  As an experienced family law attorney, Lilian Epstein will apply her experience and expertise as a neutral and understanding facilitator.  We will work collaboratively to get the parties through the areas in which they are stuck, or having trouble seeing eye-to-eye.  Together we will explore the needs of your family and find solutions that will address present and anticipated hardships and hopes.

Mediation is often a cost-effective way to resolve family law cases because parties share the cost of the expert attorney, can work together around scheduling, and can move much more quickly through the process than the court system will allow.

Studies have shown that participants in mediation are much happier with the result of their divorce, share a much better and lasting relationship with their former partners, and suffer much less stress and anxiety than litigants in the dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership.  The parties are much more likely to abide by the terms of agreements reached in mediation than they are when the court makes orders.  See the link below for more information about mediation vs. litigation.

American Bar Association: What Are the Advantages to Mediation?

The Family Law and Mediation Offices of Lilian Epstein can help you work through one distinct problem or your whole case.  Parties may be represented by counsel, or may work with only themselves and attorney Lilian Epstein to reach resolution.  Lilian Epstein will refer parties to additional experts, such as vocational evaluators, custody counseling, or property appraisal as needed to help them resolve their case and feel comfortable with the result reached through the process.

Family Law Document Preparation and Review:

Sometimes parties have relatively simple cases that they try to resolve on their own, but get stuck.  That can be because the court does not accept their papers, they do not know how to take the next steps, or they cannot agree on a minor issue.  At other times parties need a knowledgeable advocate to review a settlement agreement before he or she is ready to finalize the deal as a “second opinion.”  The Family Law and Mediation Offices of Lilian Epstein is available to review proposed settlement agreements, help parties through paperwork to reach final resolution of the case, coach self-represented parties through limited-scope issues, or even come on board for representation on a distinct issue for hearing.